the People of Mosul. al Nuri Mosque, UAE and UNESCO




For centuries, The Mosulis come around Al-Hadbaa regardless of their religious backgrounds. Al-Jami’ Al-Kabir neighbourhood (previously Darb Daraj) where Muslims and Christians lived next to each other and created their crafts and professions surrounding the mosque, and they established their businesses by this midmost heart of Mosul, as the Mosulis refer to it by “Our Old Lady Hadbaa”. Raghad Hammadi, 21-year old young lady, who lived under ISIS’ reign for three years and lived every detail of the liberation war, says in her interview: “Al-Hadbaa is my identity. She’s not just stoned, but she is Nineveh’s glory and its glorious history. By blowing it, they stole our symbol with it. The minaret’s hunchback is no longer hunched, yet, it is Mosul’s back that got humped”.
A talk the Historian of Islamic architecture Ahmad Qasim Juma at Mosul university on the rebuilding of al Nuri Mosque and the UNESCO efforts to rebuild it. The talk took place at Maski Cultural Cafe and moderated by professor of Islamic History Jazeel Jumard.
the Mosuli historian Ahmad Qasim Juma says (who spent 40 years studying the blueprints of Al-Nuri Grand mosque and its history) in an interview with me : “When a Mosuli says ‘I am the son of Al-Hadbaa’, if you were to get the stones to speak, they would have addressed boldened speeches and given significant connotations about the minaret and the mosque”. The Minaret and the Mosque are located in the heart of Mosul’s markets, and they are a pure Mosuli Identity. Over the course of time, the Mosque was the beacon where it helped various types of sciences and literature to flourish and thrive, like humanities, geology, architecture, La Perspective, and Pure Sciences. It is like a crystal, once it is illuminated, it shines with Mosul’s heritage at its finest details, and it is in itself a remarkable architectural marvel.
Podcast Recorded in Mosul Dec 29, 2018.

Project: Oral History of Mosul. Mosul Eye.

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