Mosul and its neighboring districts: a short guide for visitors

This copy of Mosul and its neighboring districts belongs to Jean Maurice Fiey (1914–1995) who was a French Dominican Father and prominent Church historian and Syriacist. they copy has some of his comments. which was known in Mosul as Pateri Jean Maurice Fiey.

and Pateri refers to Father, people of Mosul used to call the christian fathers of Dominican order (specially the teachers) in Mosul as Pawatir بواتر (PL) of Pater (S).

mosul and the neithbour
Handwriting of Jean Maurice Fiey (1914–1995)


the most important one was about Badr al-Din Lu’lu’ (Arabic: بدر الدين لؤلؤ‎) (died 1259) who was successor to the Zangid rulers of Mosul, where he governed in variety of capacities for half a century. He was the first mamluk to transcend servitude and become sultan in his own right, anticipating the rise of the Bahri Mamluks in Egypt by twenty years. He preserved control of the Jazira through a series of tactical submissions to larger neighboring powers, at various times recognizing Ayyubid, Rûm Seljuqs, and the Mongol overlords. His prescient surrender to the Mongols spared Mosul the destruction experienced by other settlements in Mesopotamia.

Fiey disagreed with what was mentioned about Lu’lu’, and he thinks that Lu’lu’ supported knowledge and literature and enlightened Mosul.


this book is the second edition, was published 1956 by the Government Press – Baghdad.

To read the full book click here



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