Working file for coins minted in the city al-Mawsil

by Michael Bates, American Numismatic Society, Islamic Coins, Emeritus
“This is my working file for coins minted in the city al-Mawsil (Mosul or Mosil in the Diyar Rabi`a district of al-Jazira province; today in northern Iraq). It is not systematic or complete. The record was begun about 1972 on 3×5 cards and there are still many such cards not transcribed to the digital record. On the positive side, in addition to the listings of known examples year by year, there are comments and suggestions about the coins and the history of the mint.In particular, the Umayyad period is scarcely noted here, since it’s covered in other publications (Klat for dirhams, Rotter and Album, Checklist, for fulus). I have more notes that I’d be glad to share with anyone working on Umayyad Mosul, or any period in the city’s history.Anyone working on the coinage or history of Mosul may find something of interest here. If not, contact me–possibly I may have more information to pass on or add to the record.”
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