E. Herzfeld و J. M. Fiey خارطة الموصل وفقا لـ

This map is based on the one drawn by E. Herzfeld for Archaeologische Reise im Euphrat-und Tigrisgebiet II (Berlin, 1920) 203-304 with additional material on the Christian monuments from J. M. Fiey, Moussoul Chrétienne (Beirut, 1959)

MHAIIMA_27BKennedy, Hugh. “al-Mawṣil (Mosul).” Historical Atlas of Islam. Edited by: Hugh Kennedy. Brill Online, 2016. Reference. Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme. 29 April 2016 <https://referenceworks-brillonline-com.sargasses.biblio.msh-paris.fr/entries/historical-atlas-of-islam/al-mawsil-mosul-HAI_27B&gt;

First appeared online: 2011

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