The Documents that Define Human History

What are the key documents that define our collective human experience?

UNESCO’s “Memory of the World” serves to protect our heritage in the form of documents, manuscripts, oral traditions, audio-visual materials, library, and archival holdings of universal value. They capture defining moments in human history, from all around the world. This video features: Bayeux Tapestry, writing system of Mexico’s indigenous peoples before the Spanish Conquest; rare manuscripts written in Old Church Slavonic; art of the Naxi people; audio collections of composer Johannes Brahms; poetry scribblings by modernist Christopher Okigbo; archives relating to the Suez Canal & life of Ruth Nita Barrow; video footage on the May 18 1980 South Korean Democratic Uprising; Rivonia Trial legal documents leading to Nelson Mandela’s imprisonment, and of course, the Diary of Anne Frank.

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